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私の使用しているRafal Turkowiak Guitarの販売をpost modern music collaborationがdistributor for Japan(日本代理店)として任されることとなりました!

Rafal Turkowiakのギターは・・・


すべてにおいてRafal オリジナルの驚異のギターです!


Rafal Turkowiak ギター製作家

Rafal Turkowiakはポーランドのレシュノ近くGolaniceで1966年1月9日に生まれました。彼の父親は、大工、と祖父、ホイールライトは、大工や木材技術の分野で少年Rafalに大きな影響を与えました。

15歳の時、彼は主要な音楽学校を卒業クラシックギターで半年足らずで3年の課程を修了しました。 2年後、クラシックギターの解体に触発され、彼は当時の革新的だったサウンドホールや浮遊支柱付きのユニークなサウンドボードの建設と彼の最初のクラシックギターを作りました。

ギター製作にかけた20年という長い経験と実験は、響板の音響的成功をもたらしています。型にはまらない「WAVE」型共振器を持つこのユニークな構造はRafal Turkowiakを世界的な製作家に位置ずけました。彼はクラシック、フラメンコ、アコースティック、ジャズギターで「WAVE」構造を適用しています。



Rafal Turkowiak was born on 9 January 1966 in Golanice near Leszno, Poland. His father, a carpenter, and grandfather, a wheel-wright, had great influence on the boy in the field of carpentry and wood technology.

At the age of 15, he graduated from a primary musical school having successfully completed a 3-year-course in less than half a year in classical guitar. Two years later, inspired by dismantling of an old guitar, he made his first classical instrument with a sound hole and unique soundboard construction with suspended bracing, which was innovative at the time.

​Almost the twenty-year-long experience and experiments in guitar making have resulted in successful solution of soundboard. This unique construction with unconventional 'WAVE' type resonator places Rafal Turkowiak among the best luthiers. He applies the 'WAVE' structure in his classical, flamenco, acoustic and jazz guitars.

Thanks to noble and partial sounds this luthier's work is called 'the Queen of Guitars'.


Top: Solid Spruce with a 5th generation 'WAVE RESONATOR',

Back and Sides: California Walnut Burl arched in 'HIGH-TECH PRESS TECHNOLOGY'

Fingerboard: Elevated with first in the world "ACOUSTIC TUBES" inside the guitar neck

Bridge: Twelve Hole innovative ebony bridge encrusted with natural bone,

Neck: asymmetric neck made of flame maple,

Rosette: encrusted with mother-of-pearl, bone and ebony

Armrest: integrated with the guitar body

Headstock: double ebony plates with

Logo: hand made of black mother-of-pearl in the guitar head stock

Saddle: Bone manually shaped

Tuning Machines: with ebony knobs and spring drums with bearings, ratio 18:1,

Bindings: Ebony

innovative lining strips,

Fret Markers: Enlarged mother of pearl dots

Finish: high-resonance, antistatic varnish (own recipe), hand polished,

Frrets: nickel-silver fretwire 18%,

scale length 650mm.

Case: EastmanEas

VEResonator’ type resonator‘WAVE’ type resonatoran


The only one in the World construction inside the guitar which was made to counteract string tension. The resonator is made from highly-resonant wood, what in addition strengthen the ‘WAVE’ effect.

This innovation results lighthen bridge so that it can much better fullfil it’s function by transporting energy at the resonance board.

Tension counteraction

Specific construction of ‘WAVE’ type resonator acquires tension in the soundboard what leads to increased vibrations frequenties.

Highly-resonant wood

‘WAVE’ type resonator was made from highest quality Alpine Spruce from Tirol what gives natural, classical sound of the guitars.

Reduced bridge

In the guitar was used a reduced size bridge what gives reduced mass and allows for effortless soundboard vibrations.

First in the World ‘Acoustic Tubes’ inside the guitar neck.

The main principle is better, than in a traditional guitar, sound transmission from the nut through the neck at the guitar body. The neck, thanks to the use of specialistic material, obtains incredible acoustic properties. Inside the neck occurs acoustic pressure which finds it’s outlet through the visible holes situated after the twelfth fret. The neck creates supportive resonant area.

Longer sustain

Guitar’s sustain with ‘Acoustic Tubes’ is up to 20% longer than in traditional guitar.

Better sound transmission

Thanks to the use of specialistic material sound transmission from nut to the guitar body is much faster.

Increased stiffness

Using innovative material assures deformations durability caused by string tension.

Reduced mass

‘Acoustic Tubes’ creation process allows for a significant reduction of the neck’s mass.

High-Tech Press

First in the World back and sides made in ‘High-Tech Press’.

Due to the connection of the highest quality exotic wood with resonant wood and use of specialistic processing achieved distinguished acoustic properties of the material. The process of creation follows a lot of changes in the acoustic properties.

The technology is used in back and sides of my guitars. In addition, the guitar back is additionally parabolic curved (as are the violins).

Increased acoustic properties

The guitar made in ‘High-Tech Press’ has about 15-20% increased acoustic properties.

Strengthened construction

Giving parabolic shape improved strength parameters.

Unique sound

Innovative technology allows achieving unrepeatable sound advantages.

2021年 続々と新作が発表されております!! 詳しくはRafalのホームページをご覧ください。


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